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Neil Gaiman’s the Last Temptation: A Book Review


 I was curious of The Last Temptation mostly (but not solely) because it’s a Neil Gaiman. I am a fan of his works, and this one surely did not disappoint.

The Last Temptation is a short illustrated story of a young boy named Steven. He stumbled upon a theatre, which can only be seen at sunset. He met the theatre’s showman who allured him into a world of never growing up, of a life with no pain, nor things to be afraid of. The showman was so persistent, and I kept on wondering how Steven can escape.

I like how the story ended with a promise.. it’s very realistic, when you come to think about it. Things that scares us do not necessarily have to happen.. but the possibility is always lurking in our midst, and keeps us on our toes. The ending of this book is a reminder that we must always watch out for ourselves.. that bad things may or may not happen, but we must always persevere and must always be ready.. no matter what.

"When you’ve become the thing that scares, there’s nothing to be scared of ever again.."

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Okay. Finally doing this. Shout out to Aigel for tagging me! ;)

1. What is your most inexpensive book?  

Among all the ones I’ve bought, my most inexpensive book is Project Princess (Princess Diaries 4.5). I got it on sale! ;)


2. What author do you have a love/hate relationship with?  

Bob Ong. I love most of his works.

  • Bakit Baliktad Magbasa Ng Libro Ang Mga Pilipino?
  • Kapitan Sino

I hate some of his works.

  • Ang Paboritong Libro ni Hudas
  • Stainless Longganisa

Need I say more? Haha.

3. What book have you devoured over and over again with no shame?

How many can I list here? Haha. I will try to limit it to 3 (or 5?):

  • A Kingdom of Dreams
  • Almost Heaven
  • Promise Me Forever
  • Lothario
  • Effortless 

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Screwdrivered (Cocktail #3) by Alice Clayton


It is no secret that I love reading. I can almost always enjoy any kind of feel-good books.. but there are only very few that touched my heart in a personal kind of way.. like a reflection of myself and my ideals.

This book speaks to my inner self.. the me, who is still yearning for a life do-over.. the me, who is dreaming of a faceless hero, of late night phone calls and pizza (yes. pizza.)

The Cocktail Series is very entertaining. But this is definitely my favorite. I didn’t feel rushed. It kept me pinning for the nice guy over the hot bod..It was very satisfying when things unraveled and the nice guy won at the end.

5 stars! Shout out to Ms. Alice Clayton! Great job on this one.

Screwdrivered convo excerpt:

V: Want to know a secret?

C: About you? I’m all ears.

V: I’ve never been in love before.

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Busy days, busy days.. so I’m just going to drop here all that’s been happening lately:

Divi Stint

Have I told you how I enjoy haggling? I grew up getting branded stuffs all the time (from relatives and family friends) so I do not see the value in them like most people.. It’s like wanting ”a straight hair when it’s wavy, and/or a curly hair like a frizz-land when it’s a boring straight.”

Anywaaay, as I was saying, I enjoy buying cheap, good stuffs, hence the Divisoria stint early this August. I scored a really nice dress for only a hundred pesos.. and fancy short-skirt for a hundred and fifty. Yay for me! :)


My nanay (grandmother) was confined in the hospital 2 weeks ago, and I was a constant visitor.. having lost lola, my other grandmother, made me appreciate grandmothers and, in some extent, their sentiments. Thankfully, nanay’s ok now.

Kenshin. Oh Kenshin. But Kenshin.

Like most of the 90’s kids, I am a big fan of anime.. and Japan’s culture has been a fascination while growing up. Needless to say, I love Samurai X. Kenshin Himura was a fixture during my teenage years, and seeing a well made film last 2012 made me excited for this follow up, “Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno”. It’s a five-star rating, and lived up to my expectations… do you hear a but there? well yeah, it was really really good, if only the die-hard fans could keep to themselves. I hate being interrupted into a movie.. especially on the good parts! I hate the distracting aaahhhss, and the tasteless oooohhhs.. especially the clappings. Ugh. the clappings! Still irks me. shit.

Spur of the moment.

I booked flights to Boracay for next year. damn. Haha. BI ka talaga Aigel! yeas, special mention ka. Hahaha.

Bills shit.

I am behind my bills payment! Gotta save, save, save.. especially when I’m planning to gift myself a new phone at the end of this year! ;)


Knowing my book obsession, I was convinced by Minan to update my goodreads account.. so add me up, here’s my link - crisdieta! :)


Pay my credit card bills (top of the list!)

Start my Christmas Gift Ideas list

Read at least 75 more books before 2015

Complete my Thoughtless Series

Fix my playlist